"The fans in Ireland are always just amazing and full of energy."
- Mick Jagger

"Dublin, particularly has always been a Stones’ town. Great welcome so far, great feeling, we’re ready to go really, you know."
- Keith Richards

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9 months

Hi Dear Stones Fans around the world,
in this video one Fan has this yellow Flagg on his back.
Somewhere is here he know where can i buy this one.
I look since i see this the first time but i can't found.
Please help me. Thank you so much.

Fabiana Pivingut
9 months

@diegostone que genio! Argentine flag, come back please!

mark southerton
9 months

Yes please, out of control at London and Southampton.

9 months

Unbridled energy goosebumps takes me back to Lucca last fall

9 months

Thanks Stones for an unforgettable show!!!!...& for putting me in your video!!!!..I shall never forget!!!

Conor W. Brennan
9 months

Unreal, fantastic, unbelievable, awesome, bloody brilliant in Dublin it was!!!!

9 months

Out of control please at London Stadium 👍🏼🇬🇧😛💛💚

9 months


Tomás Samuel
9 months

@Mariana Ramirez siempre hay algun argentino!

9 months

Estoy en este video gracias STONES por hacernos felices!!! ARGENTINA STONE!!!!!

Gísli Jafetsson
9 months

I have NOT got my tickets for Manchester.

N Garcia
9 months

love u so much #stonesnofilter🍀 Dublin 🍀rocked!!!! #hellyeah

9 months

viva irlanda!!!!

don't stop
9 months

Canada???? New double album???? Still dreaming.

Paula Mooney
9 months

Croke Park was awesome couldn't have better.

9 months

Dublin was a great start #NoFilter @Dublin

Victor Mendez1
9 months


Antonio moreno
9 months


9 months

what about Chicago? keep on touring!

9 months

book it, woops