Seen other people post their record collections, so.. Here's mine (the Stones part of it, anyway)! My parents had the four top ones + Tattoo You and Talk Is Cheap since before. Through The Past Darkly, No Stone Unturned and the 20 Super Hits one are gifts, the others I've bought as I've stumbled upon them since July last year. Think it's a pretty good collection, after all, for being a studying seventeen-year-old with no job! I miss a whole bunch, but right now the ones I want the most are Sticky Fingers, Exile, Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet.

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almost 3 years

It's up in the top right corner!

almost 3 years

what no between the buttons😀😕😢

almost 3 years


almost 3 years

Very nice , good collection 😎

almost 3 years

Nice collection!