my father is 70 years old 20th of January. Greatest Stones fan ever!!
I'm a musician and producer because of him playing Stones all the time when I was a kid!!
Stones are our absolute favourite band! Are you touring this year?
I'd like to buy us tickets to a show in the vicinity of Norway.
He's got cancer, and I hope we get to see The Rolling Stones together.
Hope you are touring Europe this year!!

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almost 2 years

Thanks for so many nice comments!!:)
So many good people out there...
Fingers crossed for 2018.
God Bless!!

almost 2 years

God bless you

almost 2 years

WOW! I’d give up my chance to see them in 2018, for you to have the opportunity to see our Boys together with your Father! The ultimate LOVE. May God bless you both🙏🙋‍♀️👅🎶😘

almost 2 years

Good luck to you and best wishes for a full recovery for your dad..🎸🎶🌺

almost 2 years

Hope your dream comes true 😊⭐️

Yasmin Chowna
almost 2 years

Hi @jonmartensmusic
Hope your wishes come true ! God Bless your dad and you . Pas godt på !

almost 2 years

Wishing all the best for your father and that you both can see The Stones in 2018! 🙏

almost 2 years

Keeping fingers crossed for you and your Dad.👅🎶♥️

almost 2 years

all the best to your father. I keep my fingers crossed he will see the Stones again.

Lady Jane9500
almost 2 years

I hope your wish comes true and you can enjoy a Stones show with your dad in 2018!! 🙏💕🙏

almost 2 years

hope so too @jonmartensmusic Hope you'll see the Stones together with your father.