an outstanding talent to perform,
a talent that cannot be replicated.
We the fans have a lot to grateful for, and the infamous meeting on the station platform.
A man of great style and a class of his own
we respect you.

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almost 2 years

Ooo, just saw this! So true - forever grateful for this man, his talent, and the fate that brought him to the best band the world will ever know. 🎸🎶

almost 2 years

Voodoo Keith! Great post! Thank you!

almost 2 years

Great post moses, thanks! 😍

almost 2 years

Great post Moses ! 👍🎸🎶

Lady Jane9500
almost 2 years

Great post moses! ♥

almost 2 years

Great post @moses. Keith is The Master of all riffs. If the meeting on the platform never happened, what would it be like? I’m sure they all would be in the music industry, but no Stones. That is s horrible thought. We are the luckiest fans ever. Have a fantastic Stones day. 🎸👅🎤🎹🎷🥁🎸

Yasmin Chowna
almost 2 years

Great post Moses ! Nicely put ! Thanks for sharing ! ☆★☆★

almost 2 years

Thanks Keith... you and the Stones made my life much more beautiful ❤️❤️ thanks @moses for this pic