Swingin Pick Records:
Meanwhile everything is coming out on from the vaults and it's wonderful,cause it is best you can get.
Around the time of the bootlegs,swingin Picks records did the best.
Bootlegs are great,but the worst part of them is that the artist don't
get nothing from the money that the bootdealers made.
Thats bad.But apart
from all that jazz..
These are the greatest.
Too bad...i repeat myself...i had them all.
Some of you probly have 1000 of rare recordings and have all of these and more.
But for those of you who looking for some
really good stuff on vinyl or cd...This is probly the best.
Happy Weekend everybody

For more pictures of the swingin pic.releases of the Stones look under comments

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Yasmin Chowna
almost 2 years

Nice to know . Thanks !