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Hello Stoners. I love his socks ! Nice pic.

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6 months

Sailor❓red-green 😊

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6 months

Love ur cupcake pjs! And colours .. gorg puppy pic!🐾🐾🐶💋😘

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Catherine Williamson
6 months

Not sure what I️ want to hug first! Ronnie in his cupcake pants; that cute puppy; or that FABULOUS PURPLE CARPET!!! I’m going with that incredible purple carpet!!!

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6 months

Love every bit of this pic!! From puppy love to fun with colors! It’s all happy and good. Gives me a big giggle! Thanks for sharing!!! ❤️👏👅

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6 months

He wil be off soon after a burger & Chips.....

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6 months

Socks? I like the carpet!

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6 months

Special people like Ronnie can sit on a violet ladder whit an absurd pajama and a sock green and one red and seems normal....🤣🤣👏👏👍💚

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6 months

Where did you find this photo? It is awesome!

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6 months

😁 ... the pants too😆😆😆