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Which one is your favourite song sung by Keef? I can't choose between "You Got The Silver", "All About You", "Slipping Away" or "The Worst".

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about 1 year

Silver def

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Philippe D'Hoeraene
about 1 year

Slipping Away

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about 1 year

You got the silver is my favourite

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Freddy Aslaksen
about 1 year

You GOT the silver i think😎

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about 1 year

I like the part he sings on Memory Motel

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about 1 year

You got the silver, followed by Happy when I need a pick me up

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about 1 year

The Worst, Little T&A, We Had It All

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about 1 year

"the Worst" > this song has been played at my cremation.

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about 1 year

It means a lot Locked away 🇦🇺🎸🇦🇺😎

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about 1 year

Coming down again!!’

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about 1 year


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Yasmin Chowna
about 1 year

a close second and vice versa @bobm1211

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Ruth Scholz
about 1 year

For me it's "You Got The Silver"🤘💋

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about 1 year

Little T&A

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about 1 year

thru and thru

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Yasmin Chowna
about 1 year

You got the silver , by a long shot !! ♡♥

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Susanne Kolmos Pedersen
about 1 year

Silver ♥️♥️♥️

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about 1 year

Slipping Away 🎶🎸❤️

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about 1 year

"I got the silver!"