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Thank you so much guys! My dad an I had an amazing evening. I will remember this for the rest of my life!

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Yasmin Chowna
10 months

I owe my parents , especially my father for music from dawn to dusk .
Concert after concert .
Though never at a Stone's concert . Music has no borders so thankyou dad , up there and beyond ! ♡♡♡

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jumping jack
10 months

Ik ben ook met mijn vader gegaan. Hij is 71 en vond het geweldig.
Misschien volgend jaar weer in Londen

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10 months

concerts are such family events now.. I guess my parents took me to a few concerts too....

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Patricia Hengeveld
10 months

Enjoy @dofre! Wish I could go again!

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10 months

Of course @Patricia Hengeveld you will remember !!!! Now I am waiting París !!!