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Heading to Paris from Austin, TX...Woo-Hoo!
I was in Las Vegas, NV to see them on 10.19.2016 but the show was canceled...I think Paris 10.19.2017 will be a Great make up show!!

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about 1 year

Fantastic! Woohoo!

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about 1 year

You will not be disappointed.I had Vegas tix for cancelled show. Saw the opening show in Hamburg. Travelled from Philadelphia

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about 1 year


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Brendan Peleo-Lazar
about 1 year

Coming from Chicago

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about 1 year

Amsterdam and Barcelona were both worth it as we too were hit by our Vegas concert. You will enjoy!

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about 1 year

I was in Vegas for the cancelled show also. Really ruined my five hour ride from Arizona. Enjoy Paris.

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about 1 year

We are coming

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Bill Turtora
about 1 year

Coming from New Jersey... saw them in Vegas too