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I told you once and I told you twice

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about 1 year

Enjoy 🙌🏻🎶🎸👅😎🎶💕

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about 1 year

Greetings from Australia you lucky people

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Ezir Paiva
about 1 year

Oh yeah huh oh yeahhh !! THE MOST SPECTACULAR KONCERT IN THE EARTH : Loving following ypu our unique wisecrackers blues rockers : Sir Mick Jagger, our master top guitarman Keith Richards and Mr.soft slider super performer expert rocker Ronnie Wood, and gosteady coolest best drummer Mr Charlie Watts and all greatest expert entourage and crew !!! Love you all !!! MORE HEAVENLY ENCHANTING SETLIST SURPRISES Ever !!!

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about 1 year

Have an Amazing Evening....will be with you in Spirit 🤧🇬🇧