Saw Oooper and Purple last night. While it was great to hear the hit songs it made me once again appreciate the kind of shape Mick and the guys are in and how they put these guys to utter shame.

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over 1 year

Alice will have the original band onstage for a few songs on the UK tour. It's worth it for that alone. Plus his latest band is smoking hot. Deep Purple are always great musically, but Ian can't sing like he used to. Understandable in my opinion.

over 1 year

Alice is bringing his show to England later this year would you recommend it ? Liked the brutal planet concert is it as good mate

over 1 year

I'm seeing them in a couple weeks and no, nothing compares to The Stones!

Javier Bautista
over 1 year

Awesome combo.

over 1 year

Love me some Cooper... Deep purple had seen some better days...still entertaining 🤔