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Like to wish you all from my Some Girls, a Happy 1st. & 4th !!! We stand on guard for thee & are home of the Free!!!

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about 1 year


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about 1 year

@Joffre958 Been to Gander a in about 15 years ago.

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Gord Treadwell
about 1 year

Happy Independence Day to all you cool US Stones fans from all of us up here in the Great White North. Keep on Rockin!!!

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about 1 year

Happy and safe 1st and 4th from Vancouver.

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about 1 year

U rock gals!

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about 1 year

Home of the free what ????

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about 1 year

Happy First&Fourth from Nova Scotia🎶🎶

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about 1 year

Peace ✌️

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about 1 year

watch out for the poison ivy ladies ! 🤤

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about 1 year

peace from Alberta👏🎸🎸🎤