After 40 min trying to buy tickets... nothing! Well, enjoy it guys & girls, because me and my girls ain't going this time 😢

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almost 2 years

Such a shame for Fans Today, seen them 26 times over 54 years, incredible memories but no longer able to cope with this bullshit 😡😠😈👾☠️💀

almost 2 years

Same problem. The site wouldn't let me enter my email or password and then time ran out. So frustrating

almost 2 years

I'll try, but for 4 of us, family think it will be nearly mission impossible...

Yvönne Dänger
almost 2 years

keep trying. when the event goes pn general sale, try again. You have to try the very minute they go on general sale though. i was able to get a Pit ticket for Düsseldorf one day after the App sale, when general sale started.

almost 2 years

General sale. Try it