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Just listening to the bonus tracks of the Exile reisue which was released in 2010. Great stuff! 👌 What's your favourite track of this bonus tracks? I think for me it's 'Dancing In The Light' :) By the way, do you know the song in the video below 👇, called 'Exile on Main Street Blues' was the official promo track for the album back in 1972, sung by Mick and I think it's him on piano as well ¡¿ 🎙️ 🎹 🎵


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11 months

Following the river! 😍

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Orion Foote
12 months

Pass the Wine Sophie

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12 months

Really like all the bonus tracks, but Plundered My Soul if I had to choose 👍

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Mr Soul
12 months

Following The River is my pick but I'm always partial to the ballads.

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12 months

Plundered My Soul is great!😎✌️

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12 months

i am not signifying ÷ at least Mick's voice is vintage not like in most others where he sings thru his nose

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12 months

Plundered my Soul & Following The River.....the Promo on flexi disc could be Mick on Piano or possibly Ian Stewart or Nicky Hopkins....

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12 months

Following The River! Such a beautiful song!