"It seems they are using my name and image for another multimillion dollar project they are doing. I can not help but wonder why no one has invited me to the opening at the Saatchi Gallery?" Asked Mick Taylor on his official Facebook on the new Museum Stones which was not invited.

"I tried to make public silence for many years and was simply ignored. I can think of many ways by the Stones be more professional, starting with giving credit where it is due."

"It's hard to imagine that they do not know my name after spending all that time putting the exhibition together."

"That was not part of his initiative to include me. I'm afraid we are playing public relations games.
In response to an email from the gallery of my office I received a reply last minute (after a lot of people complained about the media) that would allow me to have 2 inputs. That must be collected before 15:00 am. I do not live in England. And no one with any authority has contacted me. So it's a case of:. Too little, too late "

"I do not have the number to call Keith Richards"

"I would like to be treated well"

"There were 500 guests and can not include Mick Taylor, although his image is used for exposure?"

"Chaotic is not the word. There is a pattern"

"The exhibit is an overview of the career of the Stones and legacy.'re Trying to say Mick Taylor is not part of it? Then why are pictures of MT included? 500 were invited, but did not have the courtesy to include a former bandmember? And they have more obligations than you think "


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over 3 years

Are there not always people that complain! Think it is a private matter and doesn't belong on this side! Also the Stones have people, who organise concerts and expo's !
On that age , you can forget things and persons to.
Standing in the spotlights is not easy, and to please everybody.