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Charlie and Shirley

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over 1 year

linda pareja👌

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over 1 year

Nice pic! 👍🎸✌️❤️

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over 1 year

SIMPLY amazing 👍👍👍✌✌✌

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over 1 year

God bless you both.
That is what Love is all about😊✌

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Sticky Banquet
over 1 year

since 1964 !

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over 1 year

Great pic 👍🏻😊❤️

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over 1 year

Wonderful Couple, for staying True...Where's my Singer.......🥁

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Ruben Carlos
over 1 year

Nice photo 📷‼‼👏👏

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Robert Veneman
over 1 year

Nice couple! 😍