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I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support during this very trying time for me and my family. I appreciate it deeply. Thank you all so much from the very bottom of my heart. much love.✌

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So very sorry for you and your family..🌹🌹🌹

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Stay strong chop999 the sun will shine again soon enough ✌️

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My most sincere condolences, I know that feeling all to well my friend. My mom just recently told me she has leukemia, bad news all around, but we all have each other's love and support here to help the hurt a little easier to manage, 😢❤️☮️

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Take comfort in your family and friends ✌️

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Take care, I know how hard it is, always remember you're not alone. Much Love to you & your family ❤️

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Take care my words can make make something like this better ❤️