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Me and my son, just before the stones show at desert trip.
All the way from Austria to California for only two days. We do everything for our idols.
Really love them.
Have a nice day, dear family 🙂

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over 1 year

We were @ Desert Trip wk2!!
Unbelievably amazing concert & venue!!

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over 1 year

Wonderful! 👏👍🏻👅🎶🎸😎💕

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over 1 year

Hello Beatrice, so we share the same memories. 😘
I'm going to Venice next weekend.
Baci, Mike

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over 1 year

I can relate! Travel. Hotels. Taxis. Traffic. Counting the days until the show. I usually get no sleep the day before the show! I drive my husband mad at times following them, but when he sees the grin on my face, the way I can't sit in my seat...it's worth the money and the hassle it can be to see the ROCK MY WORLD!!

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over 1 year

Thank you friends ‼️🎸🎸😎😎

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over 1 year

Good on ya mate from Bretto in Australia

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over 1 year

Rock and Roll

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over 1 year

was at desert trip 2!:)

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over 1 year

What a great team!!!

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over 1 year

So Totally sure it was worth it Guys....

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Claude Obrian
over 1 year

wau....bin auch grosser Stones fan...aber ihr.....wau...echt stark...gruss claude aus der schweiz

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Lady Jane9500
over 1 year

Hermosa experiencia! Me hubiese encantado estar allí viendo a todos esos mounstros en una misma jornada.

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over 1 year

Sehr gut! Das ist wirklich richtige Erziehung! 😊Bin genauso mit meinem Sohn-auch absolut Stones Fan!👨‍👦👅🎸❤👍🏻

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over 1 year


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over 1 year

Very cool brother!

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over 1 year

Il était vraiment un grand voyage
We will never forget these days.
Take care 🎸

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over 1 year

beautiful trip !