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over 1 year

Thanks @fooltocry !😊👋

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almost 2 years

Smoker's always got the best pics!

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almost 2 years

Don't think so Sabine, sure you have seen the film clips of it, don't think they were able to record it.....i may be wrong 😊

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almost 2 years

It was the tour announcement 1975 and the played Brown Sugar.
Does this particular version exist somewhere?🎶👌😊

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almost 2 years

NYC we are still #1

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almost 2 years

Wish I was there when they came around that corner in NY.
Now that was a great promo !!!
👅 👍 👍 Cheers

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Lady Jane9500
almost 2 years

Gran foto!

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almost 2 years

Brown Sugar, 5th ave and the Stones can't get any better 🎶🎸💕

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almost 2 years

La classe

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almost 2 years

great pic again Smoker mate

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almost 2 years

Cool pic.