Who remembers this Pre-tour concert ? Also in Toronto, they used to use as base to rehearse before Tours in an old School. Then do these club size gigs to get the set rolling.
I think this was for the Bridges Tour
(correct me if I'm wrong) 👅

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almost 2 years

Still sold out. Decades later. 😀

almost 2 years

Thanks everybody :
and @rickexile
👅👍👍 Cheers

almost 2 years

That was a good show. Great version of Heart of Stone🎸🎶💕

almost 2 years

Did you know: At this gig they played the fantastic 'Torn and Frayed' (which was influenced by Gram Parsons) from 'Exile on Main Street' for the first and last time. Click the link below for see it, it's from this very gig! I love this so much 🎶🎙️♥ Good Night 🌌


almost 2 years

I was one of the lucky few who got into that show. It was the best Stones show I ever saw. Now that they're not working with Michael Cohl, it looks like the Toronto rehearsal, followed by a club gig routine has ended for good :(

almost 2 years

Yes, it was on the documentary of the Four Flicks box. So it was the Licks tour in 2002.😉👍