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That's why I love you all!!! ❤️ Have a great day

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almost 2 years

So true

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almost 2 years

no fucking doubt makes life more enjoyable and after 41 yrs and some change with the same lovely woman we both agree the 60s and 70s produced the best music for the ages. nothing else can compare. peace 👌✌️

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almost 2 years

Definitely a great starting point for interesting and deep conversations that set my research mode switch to full on

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Ron Navarro
almost 2 years


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almost 2 years

you look much different without the hat

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almost 2 years

well said. much love caro

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almost 2 years

I know what you mean. Music, specially the Stones are a very big part of my life. Most of my life has been absorbed by The Rolling Stones. To find a significant other with that same passion and love for music is the key to happiness and ever lasting love

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Tommy Love
almost 2 years

Right on Caro!!!!!

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almost 2 years

Cato, it is so true. I've been to 17 concert know all the music and all the stuff that rolls with these guys. They make you feel at home never do they act superior to their fans, it's so evident that they need US NOW MORE THAN EVER, it's not the money. Remember they have had no private life in their life. I've been told when you meet them it's like an old friend and they want to know everything about you, they care. As they age we all need to represent them with dignity. Bob Dylan said, THE STONES? Nothing like them and there never will be. It's evident god has his hands on them and I believe their fans (friends) too! They wouldn't have developed an app like this? It has friends on it and I'm reminded now I need to friend my friends of the stones, we are a loved lot of people, and that's why Charlie watts plays, he knows and loves everyday everything and his demeanor is, we are all together because without this huge crowd we probably would have croaked by now. We are the energy they look for. As it is said they play to people who are their friends world wide. I'm asking you to be my friend on this app. Thank you for posting that!

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almost 2 years

Food clothing shelter and music mostly the Stones are all essentials 💕🎶🎸❤❤

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almost 2 years

Thank you Caro that's why we love you ! 😍🎸✌️

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almost 2 years

Thanx Caro. The vibes of a loved song equal to the vibes of our soul. That's why some great musiciens as The Clash, Mr Bowie...and The Stones of course are an important part of my life and thus....are NON negotiable !!! Just like You my friend. 💋🎤🎸

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almost 2 years

live can be so simple.....👅

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almost 2 years

Yes, we all have the Best taste in music here!! 🎶😎👅👍😙

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almost 2 years

Thanks Caro, happy Monday!🎶😉

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common foot solider
almost 2 years

so true have great day

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almost 2 years

For this reason we came here and we will stay here...and nothing else matters! 🏻 🏻

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almost 2 years

Absolutely true! 💕

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almost 2 years

gracias Caro 😚

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almost 2 years

you're right😊