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In London tomorrow ? Well to celebrate the release of Blue & Lonesome, London will be treated to a morning of Blues music with a takeover of all the busking stops on the Piccadilly line! #BluesOnTheBlueLine
Let us know if you see any Blues buskers by posting a photo or video to the wall...

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almost 2 years

Come Tor Zürich in 2017 we love You

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almost 2 years

Wow www!!! Come to Edinburgh or Glasgow and do the same!!! We love u!!!! Mags xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ste Tomo
almost 2 years

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Stones album I've been waiting for for years. Not to take anything away from previous albums. Each one means different things to true fans. They are World musicians and it right that over their careers they have had their music influenced by many different styles and cultures. But in my opinion this is the band doing what it does best. The Blues! I would love to see this performed in a little Blues club, rather than a stadium, but that's for the future. For now sit back and enjoy a band playing their natural sound with style and feeling. Once again I thank you.

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Jennifer Libbis
almost 2 years

Lucky lucky London

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almost 2 years

Well, from this American who has seen them 55 times (56th would've been canceled show 10/19 Vegas 😢) - I would say that I'm jealous. But, that wouldn't be right. They are "your" band. You deserve the fanfare & possible surprise gig. Thank you for sharing this band with us all here & the world over. "The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World."

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almost 2 years

I wish I was there.. just 4 weeks ago I was traveling the Piccadilly line daily...

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almost 2 years

I love the track everybody knows about my good thing you have done a cracking job lads.

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almost 2 years

You are really making me miss London!! Record store promos tube rides and fanfare at Carnaby? Just ad you painted it RED for Exhibitionism you ate painting it BLUE..I wish it weren't so cold in wintertime there 💋💙💋💙💋💙💋💙

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almost 2 years

This is amazing. Ah! To be in London tomorrow! Enjoy, everybody.

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almost 2 years

ART. I have never witnessed this kind of build. Amazing Album! 12:59 I'll be watching my download

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Gustavo Volpara
almost 2 years

I love it all ❤️❤️❤️ but Blue & Lonesome really amazing Mick u are wonderful love u guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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almost 2 years

Maybe the Stones are going to play in a club

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almost 2 years

What does this mean?

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almost 2 years

Wish I was riding the Piccadilly line!

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almost 2 years

How I wish to be there !!! 👍🎶💙🎤💙🎸💙

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almost 2 years

Rolling Buskers?