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Has anyone read Keith's autobiography Life?
Is that good ?

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about 2 years

could have been better in terms of precision . could have been kinder to Mick in there ( and avoid the ridiculous "tiny todger" thing). Keith cannot keep his cool like Mick

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about 2 years

It is good it really kind of skips around as far as time frame is concerned and it is a very big book that took me forever to read

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about 2 years

I have. It changed my perceptions of them in good way. I saw them more as men...human and imperfect like the rest of us rather then super heroes. Don't get me wrong they are still my heros because here they are in their 70s; fathers grand fathers and even great grandfathers and they STILL rock the house like they did in their youth!

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about 2 years

Yes, good biography with the stories that describe a lifelong adventure

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Big Poison
about 2 years

I read all the stories elsewhere. Liked Bills better, Stone Alone

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about 2 years

Great reading. What a life.

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Frans Thijssen
about 2 years

You netter listen to the audioboek eitje johnie Depp

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about 2 years

Yes, it is!

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about 2 years

Don't think twice...go grab a copy!!

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about 2 years

Great stuff, highly recommended, if Your a KEEF FAN?
Great Songs come from living a great Life. The Stones worked Real Hard to be the BEST!😎

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common foot solider
about 2 years

Love the open stories of Keith and Ronnie's at the diner. 'I wonder where that car is now"

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about 2 years

It is a great read, Keith does get a bit carried away with some of the facts though, but thankfull he could remember any of it really.. hi Mick love your latest! hi RollingD......

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Marcus Radloff
about 2 years

Of course it's good lol

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about 2 years

yes it is.

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about 2 years

Excellent read! I highly recommend it.

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about 2 years

One of the best books you will ever read.

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crossfire hurricane
about 2 years

I loved it.

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about 2 years

Yeah genuinely amazing and engaging

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about 2 years

Yes, very good.

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about 2 years

It is VERY good.