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It's such a superb album!!!❤🎶
Does anybody know the reason why they called it 'Goats head soup'?😄
What is your favorites on this?

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almost 2 years

Go to see exebotionism they tell a lot about this album

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almost 2 years


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almost 2 years

Goat head soup might well be an aphrodisiac

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almost 2 years

Got a new copy at a flea market for $2, diggin it

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almost 2 years

I love it!.. specially, hide your love

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almost 2 years

Winter and Charlies drums on 100years ago

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billy bob ray
almost 2 years

Heartbreaker, then Angie. KH, where'd you get the Outtakes? I want one! Sabine, you got a good thing going on GHS. Thanks!!

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almost 2 years


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Andrew Lamb
almost 2 years

Goats Head Soup is an something that increases sexual performance. Not that Mick needs it!!😇

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almost 2 years

Angie & Heartbreaker ❤️️❤️️🎶👅👍🏻😎

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almost 2 years

@Gord Treadwell It makes so much more sense now! :O

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Gord Treadwell
almost 2 years

Hi Sabine, it's an aphrodisiac used in the Mideast, often during a couples honeymoon, and prepared by the grooms Mother. 👍

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crossfire hurricane
almost 2 years

The 1st 45 I ever had was Angie/Silver Train. I was 9 yrs old. I loved trains and played Silver Train over and over and over again. But I really love the entire album.

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almost 2 years

Angie, sorry everyone, but that's the only stones tune, I just don't like

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almost 2 years

Good god what a straight masterpiece ! Crazy good !every tune is fantastic !

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almost 2 years

100 years ago...+ hide your love....they call me lazy bones....

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almost 2 years


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Pablo Prieto Ortiz
almost 2 years

Winter heartbreaker& angie

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almost 2 years

crazy mama

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almost 2 years

Great album and agree underrated. I'm partial to Star such a hard rock song😺