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Cuba countdown!

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over 2 years


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over 2 years

oh jesus what a great picture! love <3

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over 2 years

I have loved this band since I was a kid. I've had the privilege to see them 4 times. Never, ever a bad show. They just keep on Rocking it.

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over 2 years

So much elegance and.raunchiness.combined!

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over 2 years

Let's go Stones

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cosmic ray
over 2 years

Play 2120 south Michigan ave! Fly in Sugar Blue to put the icing on the cake. Invite Buddy Guy to warm things up. What tha heck... Play EVERYTHING A-Z! Then sit back, have a cigar. Ray.

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Kim Evert
over 2 years

Please come to Copenhagen!
BR. Kim Evert

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Daniela Pineda
over 2 years

ustedes son unas grandes y maravillosas personas

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over 2 years

Felicidades!!! Cuba la va a pasar de lujo como la pasamos el 10 de marzo en Colombia

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over 2 years

Se van a regocijar ! Es una banda que se entrega totalmente a su música y a su público, disfruten este concierto que será increíble !!!

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over 2 years

Bravo Stones!

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over 2 years

son los mejores y seguro será mejor concierto de la gira ole

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over 2 years


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graciela barzala
over 2 years

histórico a disfrutar a fuuuuullll

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Mario Mariachi
over 2 years

Wenn ich einen Flug bekommen hätte, wäre ich mit dabei. ....ich wünsche euch ganz viel Spaß. Die Stones in Havanna....mehr geht nicht.

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Linda Koppelman-Tepper
over 2 years

Stones can you make a stop in South Florida!!!!! Been TOO LONG

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over 2 years

quiero estar ahi!!?

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over 2 years

Hola ojala y alguien lo pase por Periscope saludos desde México

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over 2 years

son grandiosos!!!! Felicidades rolling!!!! privilegiados cubanos!!!! disfrutenlos...será histórico este gran concierto⭐

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over 2 years

Saposch what a horrible comment! Did u just climb out of a hole???? Get with it and give the Stones credit where it's due