Lame. Mick couldn't remember the lyrics to their most popular and historic songs. Traveling overseas so see the stones in the front row of the desert trip weekend 2 was like watching a drug addict doing karaoke. Paying for hotels, flights, travel costs
Etc to Vegas to see their second concert was even more disappointing. Can't get a refund because it will be rescheduled. But if Mick isn't going to pay for my international flights the first time round he certainly won't the second time. Maybe cut the pre/after party at my hotel La Quinta Waldorf Astoria. #rehab #refund

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ed stone
almost 3 years

Quit Fucking whining and get over it. We all take chances. I'm here in Vegas making the best of it. I know I'm really fucking lucky that every time I've seen the Stones (and I've seen them a lot) the show goes on. I don't ever remember Mick ever being sick. The man is 73 fucking years old give him some slack.

almost 3 years

Juji is right, rock on Jagger, hope you get well soon

almost 3 years

Exactly Juji 😀😎👍

almost 3 years

Mick knows the lyrics. He's known to change them up when performing live. The Stones don't want to sing these 50-something year old songs exactly the same way every time. Would you?