Me and my best friend met at highschool. Since we were the only guys with a big red tongue on our schoolbag we were friends!
Years later in 1995 the Stones came to Paradiso in Amsterdam at the 26th of May, a dream came true. The ticketsale was at the same day. He had to work that day so he sent his little brother (16 years old and a big REM-fan(!))
We got lucky to get the orange wristbands! Including my friends' little brother. We had not figured out in advance that it was not a ticket but a personal wristband.
That night we went to Jim Callaghan, chief of security, who stood outside the Paradiso.
We explained the situation. He was so very kind to strap an orange wristband on my friends' wrist. Then he asked the little brother : 'so little boy, you wanne get in there too?, costs you 25 guilders (€11,00 / $12,00!!!!!)

The little brother only had a 50,00 guilder note, and asked Jim: 'do you have any change?'
Jim's mouth dropped open!!!

We had a great concert, and...our present king Willem Alexander was also in the audience, but was in second grade at the balcony!!!!

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