One of the greatest stages ever ...The Voodoo Lounge 1994-1995 😝

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over 2 years

i was there in old Tampa. stadium

Luis Daniel Ramírez Rojas
over 2 years

I was 14 and it was my first Stones show here in México. I'm totally agree this was HUGE. I Like the inflatables and the FIRE of the cobra. Certainly i miss the voodoo Lounge features in many ways.

Soul Survivor
over 2 years

Agreed! Only seen the pictures. # stoneslove

Rick Jagger
over 2 years

Definitely! I had 3rd row seats in Atl.
As usual an incredible show.

over 2 years

Great memories.

over 2 years

Nice pics 👍🏻😎👅

over 2 years

Great memories!

Marcio Baraúna
over 2 years

Nice, this was my first show!!