Stripped Competition
First time I saw Stones was probably '65 on one of those 5 bands/20 minute sets road shows..think Herman's Hermits and Yardbirds were on the bill also. After that, saw pretty much every tour. Worked for a stage building company in '80s and so traveled to shows that year in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland. Then in 2003, my friend in SF calls to say he has a $300 ticket to show there for our November birthdays...I'm working on Gus VanSant film, "Elephant", but figure I can fly down for Sunday show and be back on Monday...and that is the one Sunday Gus decides to shoot on...I told him it was the first Stones tour I had ever missed, and he better appreciate it....guess that's why he gave me a small role in what became a Palme d'Or winning film..

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Rick Jagger
over 2 years

I would have quit. I work as a gaffer in the film industry also. I know it's hard to take time off. That sucks.