The first time I saw my favorite band was in May 1965 , I was 12 , at the Philadelphia convention center .Since then , I have seen the greatest rock and roll band 114 times !! With exile being my fav album I saw them in Chicago , Washington ,Charlotte,Boston , Pittsburgh,Philly and New York -15 shows in all .
I flew to London at 16 to see them perform in Hyde park and in 2014 flew to Rome to see them play circus Maximus in Rome .
My fave show I attended was the filming of the show at the Beacon in New York ,which was turned into w movie
My tshirt , album , souvenir and limited edition collection can take up one room
Rock on
FYI -my fave song is not one most usually would say
Star Star

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over 2 years

Wow that is one awesome statement!! 114 times seeing The Stones is Legendary in it's own right!!😎👍👍👏🎸🎤✌️