1981 Tattoo You tour in Philly. we leave jersey at 2 am to make the drive to Philly, 3 of us, me n my friend pass out on the way and wake up on the back of a flat bed tow truck. having no idea what happened we just knew we were in mid air lol. only concern is how r we getting to concert. we made it with time to spare to see George Thoroughgood, Journey then The Stones! Great time!!

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over 2 years

wow Melissa, what a day it was like 105° out the stones were "out if control"..on the drive home to Brooklyn I pulled into a rest area on nj tpk and claimed on roof of my car and passed out(my 2 friends were passed out in car)..I woke up as my car(driven by my sister who pulled into rest area to get gas with her friends)with her driving pulled into our driveway ...thanks for rehashing that wild day