1976, age 6. My mom was listening to Black-n-Blue on the hi-fi. I started dancing, immediately loved the music, so I walked over to the album cover and picked it up. I opened it wide, examined the front, back, and sleeve. Turned back to the front, still dancing and lovin' the sound, I asked myself: "If I saw this guy (Mick) walking down the street, would I think he was good-looking?" I answered: "YESssss!" And my love affair with Mick and the whole band was born. Greatest love of my life. 19 shows and many years later- still in love. It is unexplainable how that day changed my life!!!

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Great story 👍🏻👅😎❤️& welcome to the app Meetch😎

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Thanks! It was as simple as that! Hand of Fate 😉

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Hey Meetch , welcome to the app 👋, that was a great story