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Morning guys, just wondering myself, what's your ABSOLUTE favorite Rolling Stones song ? ( mine is Sympathy for the Devil )

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over 2 years

Gimme shelter 🎶

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over 2 years

Omg I can't choose one... I think in "Get off My Cloud", "Star Star", "Shine a Light". It is so hard! 😂❤️🤔

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over 2 years

Down Home Girl from the RS NOW 33 RPM VINYL
Been a fan forever, now I feel like I'm 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME 😎

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over 2 years

She's A Rainbow!

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Robert Hartmann
over 2 years

Can't decide. Such a lot of incredible songs 😛

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over 2 years

Mine is Jigsaw Puzzle 😀😎👍

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over 2 years

I am with you on that one leanadora.

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over 2 years

Honky Tonk Woman!

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over 2 years

OK, I'm gonna judge by the one that always draws me back and I rewind a million times. Heart of Stone perhaps....

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over 2 years

Jumpin' Jack Flash