Driving in the car with my grandson yesterday. "Honky Tonk Woman" came on the radio, so, of course, I cranked it! I said, "do you know who this is? (he is 6). He said "No". So I told him...
This is The Best Rock and Roll Band in the World!!!

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over 2 years

Good way to educate the youth of the world to the best rock and roll band, ever!😎

over 2 years

Hahaha. In my case was different I used to tell my dad and grand parents who I was listening. I gues they just did not get it. But you grandson sure unterstood right away. 😈🤘🏻🎼🎤✌🏽️

over 2 years

Awww. That's a great story with your grandson.😎❤️👅

over 2 years

At least he knows now😀

over 2 years

Gotta expose the young ones to the good stuff!

over 2 years