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Buffalo, NY. July 2015. We were on the floor...

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over 2 years

What floor tickets cost I might stand on somebody shoulder

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Soul Survivor
over 2 years

Chairs at a Stones show #useless

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over 2 years

The Beach Boys came to Tupelo once and I got to go. me and my friend were sitting in front of some old people (there were lots of old people there of course) they were playing the last song of the first half. they wanted everyone to get up and dance, so we did. and the elderly couple behind us shouted " Hay, we can't see!!" we sat down embarrassed

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Stift 44
over 2 years

I remember 19 years ago in Munich, Germany. The Stones appeared at the stage. Me and my best buddy jumped up. Some stupid guys shouted 'Go down'. We turned around and asked them 'You want trouble? And then we joined the Stones.

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over 2 years

We were there

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over 2 years

I did not pay attention to that sign I was standing on my chair and having a good at it.....