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❓"The spider and the fly" or "king bee"❓
🎶then I said "hi!" like a spider to a fly 🎶

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over 2 years

spider and the fly.

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Matt Solomon1016
over 2 years

Spider and the Fly, another of the lesser known greats

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over 2 years

Spider & the fly ,very underrated song

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over 2 years

my mama said the spider to the fly jump straight ahead and you're dead😊😀😁😂😈

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over 2 years

Both sexy songs! Love 'em!

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over 2 years

The Spider And The Fly🎶

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over 2 years

Easy... 🕷n fly...

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over 2 years

S n F

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Stift 44
over 2 years

The Spider and the Fly!!! My My...

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over 2 years

Spider and Fly! That's always been one of my favorite songs.