So all that's left are the $750 tickets, but they aren't floor tickets. How much were floor? Where are the $75 tickets? Someone told me they paid $350 for upper level, sheesh. I was hoping to get a tix under $200. Any tips?

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I suppose it doesn't need to be said, but it is Las Vegas, which is very close to L.A. With people dropping a couple grand like you and I would drop a twenty. For comparison, I was able to get one ticket in the nosebleeds for $283 for Vegas on the app. At the zip code tour in Buffalo I bought a 6th row floor outside the stadium for $300. The ticket had a face value of $450. Scalping in reverse! Yea, I tried for the $75 seats too, no luck.

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so if upper level is $350-450, where are the cheaper tickets located. App said prices range from $75 to $750

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They have one floor seats odd numbers but way back not worth it I got a 45o ticket upper level scalpers bought all good seats app was taking long time canceling it was weird no cheap seats I was going to get lower level 750 but at end way in the back but my upper level is Cole to stage. I'm an odd number 1

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Floor tickets were $750 too but probably snapped up fast. They don't release all the tickets in presale though so maybe some floor seats in tomorrow or Friday sale. Premium and VIP tickets are available for floor but they're like 2 grand or more